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Limited Offer: Out of Print Classic on For-profit Higher Education

In 1996, InterEd's president, Robert W. Tucker, and Apollo Group/University of Phoenix's Chairman, John G. Sperling, finally published a document that, for five years, had been written and revised as an internal vision and planning document for the University of Phoenix. The book, For-Profit Higher Education: Developing a World-Class Workforce was published by Rutgers University Press in 1996. It sold out quickly. A few used and hold-back copies still circulate on Amazon and elsewhere. While the demographic specifics contained in FPHE are dated, the vision and many of the planning specifics provide seminal insight into what it takes to develop a successful adult-centered and professional university in today's environment. Of course, the book is the landmark publication marking the visible portion of the transformation of higher education.

InterEd has acquired a few copies of these books that we are pleased to pass along to our clients and prospective clients. If you want copies for your senior staff, all you need to do is send us an e-mail and we'll get them out to you. Since our business has nothing to do with product sales or small invoicing, we are offering this as a courtesy. The price is $100 for six copies (shipping and handling included). If you desire, each book personally signed by Dr. Tucker (please specify your request; otherwise books will not be signed). Our business office is not equipped to process retail sales. You will receive an invoice when you receive the books. We ask that you not request fewer than five copies. Send an e-mail soon. If you don't like the message in FPHE, we find these make pretty good doorstops (in quantities of five).

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Conferences Selected to Highlight InterEd Themes

  • Tucker, Robert W., – Executive Retreat: State of the Art Content Development and Management for the Other 95% – InterEd North, McCall, Idaho, October 26-27, 2005. Call for information on viewing a PowerPoint outline: 262-725-4661.
  • Tucker, Robert W., – Executive Retreat on Precision Retention Management – InterEd North, McCall, Idaho, September 2004. Call for information on viewing a PowerPoint outline: 800-516-9571.
  • Tucker, Robert W., – Executive Retreat on Precision Enrollment Management – InterEd North, McCall, Idaho, March 2004. Call for information on viewing a PowerPoint outline: 800-516-9571.
  • Tucker, Robert W., – Executive Retreat on Drivers of Enrollment – InterEd North, McCall, Idaho, July 2003. Call for information on viewing a PowerPoint outline: 800-516-9571.
  • Tucker, Robert W., From Mandarin Class to Market Player: Understanding the Transformation of Higher Education – Keynote address of the 76th Annual Conference of the Distance Education Training Council, Denver, Colorado, April 2002. Highlights 
  • Tucker, Robert W., Strengthening Corporate Relations: What Leading Companies Say About Education Vendors – Annual Conference of the American Association of Community Colleges, Seattle, Washington, April 2002.
  • Lamkin, Randy, 15th Annual Western States Universities' Government Relations Conference, August 1, 2000, Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Tucker, Robert W., Annual Faculty Intersession, California State University – Fullerton, January 2000, Fullerton, CA.
  • Tucker, Robert W., "New Markets, Changing Conceptions of Quality, and New Opportunities for Independent Colleges," Annual Conference, International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, March 30 - April 1, 2000, Marriott Hotel, Overland Park, KS.
  • Tucker, Robert W., "New Perspectives on Quality in Emerging Higher Education Markets," Council on Academic Affairs 1999 Summer Meeting, NASULGC, July 23-25, 1999, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Highlights
  • Tucker, Robert W., "The Changing Higher Education Landscape," Dean's Retreat, Arizona State University, September 23, 1998, Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.