Education Dive's feature addresses recent changes related to attention to graduation rates among accreditation bodies.

  • The Council of Regional Accreditation Commissions announced "more intensive review" of four-year schools with graduation rates of 25% or lower and two-year schools with rates 15% or below.
  • Senators also introduced legislation focused on graduation and accreditation. The Accreditation Reform and Enhanced Accountability Act of 2016 (AREAA) intends to fix a "broken" accreditation system by increasing attention on public accountability.
  • Critics pointed to data inconsistencies in and among institutions as well as the limitations of the IPEDS graduation rate, which only includes first-time full-time students, who make up less than one-half of all college students.
  • Critics also pointed out that differences between institutions an the type of students they serve have consequences for graduation rates. They suggested that evaluating all schools based on one metric makes little sense.
AuthorCheryl Tucker