Confidential Executive Research

You need to consider the big picture. Problem is, the big picture is comprised of a bunch of small moving parts. InterEd’s Executive Research services can bring these areas into focus for you and help you put the pieces together.

Our cost-effective approach to research can provide you with “actionable” information in a wide variety of contexts, including those that require a very senior level of confidentiality and sensitivity.

Common Research Areas

Each project is fundamentally different and customized to your individual needs. Among the most common areas of research are the following:

  • Lost enrollment assessment (looked but didn’t buy).
  • Dropped student assessment.
  • Faculty satisfaction assessment.
  • Staff satisfaction assessment.
  • Employer and alumni impact assessment.
  • After the enrollment assessment for fidelity to promises (initial experience assessment).
  • Financial modeling and comparisons.
  • Board and community assessments.
  • What can you think of?

Your Options

Begin with a conversation about your concerns or questions. Together, we can determine what research might help.

Or, if you know what you need:

Schedule a time to discuss your project with InterEd's research team.. 

Contact Us

When the time is right, contact us for guidance in designing a custom research project. InterEd can help you identify the most important questions to ask and the most efficient way to secure answers.