Curriculum Development & Management

An Attractive New Frontier in Adult-centered and Professional Higher Education

  • Reusable Learning Objects
  • Scalable Content
  • Reusable Content
  • Repurposable Content
  • SCORM™
  • Object-oriented Curriculum
  • Durable Objects™

Constructs such as those above are at the center of innovation on the curricular side of education, especially adult-centered and professional higher education where the demands of multiple learning platforms, multiple learning center locations, and practitioner adjunct faculty converge to create high value for structured, hopefully scalable, content.

Scalable Curriculum FAQ

Will structured, scalable curriculum remain an interesting option for adult-centered and professional programs or will the time come when managed content is a practical necessity? Following is a representative sample of questions that can be answered more-or-less separate from your specific context. (Click for answers.)

Why are discussions about Learning Objects and Scalable Content now so prevalent in higher education?
What are the advantages of creating a system for developing and maintaining structured and scalable content for working adult and professional audiences?
What are the disadvantages of creating such a system?
Will having a system for developing and maintaining structured and scalable content for working adult and professional audiences make my program more competitive?
Why is my faculty so strongly opposed to structured and scalable content?
How will the general advantages and disadvantages play out for my particular environment and how should I decide whether or not to invest in a more structured approach to content development and management?
How does InterEd's Durable Objects™ model relate to SCORM?
How much technology—software, hardware, greyware—do I need to support a structured and scalable content system? Can I develop it incrementally, on a budget?
What other systems will I need to develop and manage a content development system built around InterEd's Durable Objects™ system?

Your Options

Begin with an audit of your current content development and management system or, if you have no such system, an appraisal of how and how well content is currently developed and deployed.

Or, if you are already on track but need key personnel training:

Arrange for us to train your faculty, designers, and platform managers to perform appropriately in your environment in relation to your established goals.

Or, if you are not ready for a decision:

Consider attending one of our well-known Executive Retreats on Durable Learning Objects. You will have a great time and leave with an overflowing agenda of transformational ideas.

Or, if you are not ready for an Executive Retreat

Ask more questions to help you decide. We will also let you know the next time we offer an Executive Briefing on this topic.

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