Enrollment Growth & Quality Management

Solutions vary with goals.

InterEd has a variety of ways to help you help you clarify and meet goals appropriate to your institution. We reserve our most comprehensive solutions to a personal conversation with you. In almost all cases, however, they begin with some form of audit against best-practices adapted to your culture and environment.

How to Proceed

Secret Shopping / Enrollment Services Audit

Consider informing your deliberations with this inexpensive independent assessment of how your program presents itself to its market cf. your competition and in relation to best practices. Depending on your goals, this assessment can be limited to mystery shopping or expanded to include a detailed look “under the hood” of your enrollment function, including interviews with individuals holding key roles, analyses of business rules and collateral, and an assessment of your CRM and telecommunications infrastructure.

Enrollment Counselor Training

Customized training for Enrollment Counselors and Team Leads that not only teaches holders of these important roles how to operate in a Precision-Managed Enrollment System, but acculturates them to the language, business rules, and metrics essential to success. We'll transform those who seem not to get it into leaders in your enrollment function.

Then What?

Following a Briefing Teleconference and with your Audit Report in hand, you will enjoy a variety of options for addressing your specific enrollment goals based on the following findings:

  • How current practices align or fail to align with best practice
  • How best practice is best adapted to your context
  • Recommendations for various courses of action linked to your goals
  • A SWOT analysis for the courses of action recommended
  • Do-it-yourself and third party solutions
  • Suggestions for strategic direction based on your goals

Your Options

Begin with an audit of your enrollment function tailored to your specific goals.

Or, if you are already on track but need key personnel training:

Arrange for us to train your enrollment managers and counselors to perform appropriately in your environment in relation to your established goals.

Or, if you are not ready for a decision:

Consider attending one of our well-known Executive Retreats on Enrollment Management. You will have a great time and leave with an overflowing agenda of transformational ideas.

Or, if you are not ready for an Executive Retreat

Ask more questions to help you decide. We will also let you know the next time we offer an Executive Briefing on this topic.

Contact Us

When the time is right, contact us to begin planning your next phase of enrollment management to manage growth and quality. InterEd can help you develop the policies, procedures, standards for performance, and metrics that will make you an even more effective leader.