Institutional & Program Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

There is little we can say here about Institutional Effectiveness that will be useful across the broad range of cases faced by colleges and universities. We can say thatcan be of distinctive assistance in two important ways:

  • Developing a comprehensive and data driven strategy.
  • Creating the data flow, metrics, reports, and forms of integrated evidence of effectiveness.

Program Effectiveness

Our program assessment knowledge base contains more than 16 million records driven by more than 200 custom assessment instruments created and validated by InterEd.

Whatever form of assessment you need, our measurement scientists and senior academic personnel can meet your needs quickly and inexpensively. Among our credits are the design and implementation of the nation's largest assessment program which served as the reformative model for a new standard in regional accreditation. We can set up a turn-key system for your use or can conduct these assessments for you.

Ease of Doing Business

We remove the Hassle Factor associated with printing, processing, validating, analyzing and reporting. With InterEd you are a phone call away from our assessment experts, who are there to answer your questions and ease your concerns.

Comment Profiling™

For any form of assessment in which it is important to capture comments and organize them meaningfully, InterEd's proprietary Comment Profiling™ system analyzes and reports the salient and significant comments, whether handwritten or digital. Trends are tracked over time, contributing to the depth and richness of your institutional memory.

Scientifically Developed, Customized Instruments

Scientifically developed items and scales promote focused discrimination, while advanced statistical methods allow us to maintain the validity of your assessment program. An annual technical validation report assures that your internal and external needs for validity are met. InterEd customizes your survey with your institution's mission and purposes in mind.

Timely Meaningful Reports

InterEd's report structure is determined by your institutional needs. Reports are actionable by the stakeholders for whom they are designed. Detailed and fully formatted end-of-course reports are electronically transferred within 48 hours.

Next Step

When the time is right, contact us to discuss your needs and goals. We lover to discuss these issues.