Hands-on Engagements

Although not for everyone, no other service is quite like InterEd’s hands-on engagements.

Working with InterEd is different from other consulting relationships in fundamental ways:

  • Together, we will set and achieve goals on time and on budget. We guarantee it.
  • You work only with InterEd's senior executives.
  • You will have our full attention; we accept a maximum of four engagements per year at this level.
  • We understand that knowledge is not the same as getting things done.
  • We adapt our style to your needs, from setting agendas and time tables, and leading meetings to unobtrusively guiding decisions at key inflection points.
  • Having made the more informative mistakes in creating and managing key systems in the largest universities, we will ensure that you avoid them.

Generally, you must already be a client of InterEd's to qualify for hands-on consultation. In all cases, we will accept an engagement only if we are convinced that we can provide distinctive help in achieving your goals. If you are interested, the first step is arranging for a conversation.