Innovation and Quality Management in Adult-Centered and Professional Higher Education

The Phoenix Institute1 published Assessment and Accountability Forum, a quarterly journal dedicated to Innovation and Quality Management in adult-centered and professional higher education from 1991 through 2002. We maintain access to these articles as a public service and because colleges and universities here and abroad are linked to them.

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Suggestions for articles, notices about upcoming conferences and reports of assessment projects are always welcome and we will consider placing suitable articles on this portion of the website.

However, InterEd and the Phoenix Institute have suspended publication of this print journal in favor of conducting seminars, executive retreats, and executive briefings as a means of conveying information consistent with InterEd's and the Institute's missions. If you have an article you want us to consider, consult the above articles for style, tone, and format.

Assessment and Accountability ForumArchives (1991-2002)

1The Phoenix Institute is a not-for-profit educational policy center funded by InterEd and other sources, including journal subscription fees.