Privacy Statement for InterEd, Inc.

Privacy and confidentiality are serious matters to InterEd, Inc. InterEd has created this privacy statement to make clear the commitment to privacy that it has adhered to since it was founded in 1994.

If you want to skip the details, note the following: 

  • No Data Mining. Data mining is a transactional process whereas InterEd's business centers on long-term relationships with leaders in higher education. In principle, we know everyone who might become a client of InterEd; thus using a website for unobtrusive data-mining is irrelevant to our goals and possibly antithetical to them.
  • Secure Information. InterEd does not sell or otherwise release information it acquires for any purpose.
  • Confidential Work. Employees, consultants and independent contractors of InterEd and its subsidiaries have signed confidentiality agreements with InterEd. 

What kind of information is collected through this site?

For the most part, these issues do not apply since InterEd does not sell services via its website. In principle, however, the following considerations apply.

The identifying information InterEd receives from visitors to this website is limited to that minimally needed to respond to the visitor's needs. Typically, identifying information is collected to enable InterEd to respond to requests for information, sent by e-mail through the site. This registration information consists of basic contact information including name, company name, company address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers. Other information pertinent to the visitor's request for information may also be gathered.

What does InterEd do with the information collected?

A user might provide business or personal information for these purposes:

  • When requesting more information on InterEd's services.
  • When completing an assessment instrument or survey.
  • When ordering a publication or requesting a copy of a white paper.

If requested, contact information may be used to follow up on a visitor's interest for business-related purposes. These purposes include informing the user about InterEd services, or to contact the user as part of the process of business development. Contact information may also be used to send orders to our clients.

Some of InterEd's assessment forms or surveys ask participants for contact information, unique identifiers, and demographic information. This information is only used in aggregate form or to contact the participant directly when necessary.

Non-commercial Links

This website may contain selected non-commercial links to other websites. InterEd, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. Links found on InterEd's site do not imply an endorsement of or affiliation with the linked sites, their sponsoring organization, product, service or information. InterEd assumes no responsibility for the information-management practices of websites accessed by way of a link on InterEd's website.

How do I amend information I have provided to InterEd in the past?

Updates or changes to information can be sent through our inquiry form or via phone (262-725-4661). If you have received a letter from InterEd in error, please inform us of our error. We will remove your name and will endeavor to identify a more appropriate senior decision-maker at your institution.

Comments or Questions Regarding this Website

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or website, please contact:

Keith Blakeman
InterEd, Inc.
PO Box 981
Walworth, WI 53184