You Have Choices

That's a good thing.

The space occupied by InterEd's services, once empty, is now crowded with "experts" offering to improve your adult-centered and professional programs. Unfortunately, the credentials of those offering to "help" you are neither as visible nor as scrutable as they need to be. Some will share ideas they collected along the way as managers in an enterprise created by us. Others may possess a sound play book but they lack the unique perspective that comes from building and managing the kind of organizations they propose to help you build. And, yes, unfortunately, a few are simply riding the industry wave without any real commitment or competence.

As you contemplate your decision to secure research or non-research based guidance, we offer the following InterEd distinctives for your consideration. (Click each for detail.)

Work with Senior Colleagues
Been There . . . Got the Job Done
Solutions . . . Just for You
Concrete Recommendations . . . Not a Hedge in Sight
Return on Investment
A Habit of Success
No Conflicts of Interest
Fun? Enjoyment at Least

We stand ready to prove our distinctive position in this market and the benefit of those distinctives to you and your program.